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Who Are We?

Crime happens.   But what if it happens to you?  Founded in 1998, SureDefense Technologies is dedicated to offering you low cost, high quality personal security products designed to protect you and your family.  Safety experts agree that your best protection is to avoid potentially dangerous situations if you can.  Adding personal security devices to your overall safety plan could just save your life.

Why Take Chances?

Whether you're hiking, biking, camping or just out for a stroll, we have products that will ensure your safety.  Going on vacation?  Our home security products will protect your property while you're away.   Traveling at night or in an unfamiliar area?  Protect yourself and your car with our personal security devices.  Worried about household hazards or leaving your kids home with a sitter?  Keep your little ones safe with our special line of products designed just for them.  Protecting yourself and those around you has never been easier!


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